Friday, January 22, 2010

Sorry Garrison

But I had to make room for Praxis Foundation. I’ll plug Garrison Keillor once a month instead of everyday. Right now, you need to be reading Praxis Foundation just about everyday so I’m putting it in the blog roll.

Start reading it -- today.

”We need to study the Flight Plan. We need to find out what systems and proposals are out there. We need to have a role in their development. We should help vendors sell systems that improve the operation while respecting the human contribution.

Our manner of thinking needs to get bigger, in that we need to start thinking about our Competitors. LockMart, Boeing, Raytheon, Midwest, RVA, Serco – they are not our friends. They are our competitors. They intend to make their fortunes by robbing this profession.

All you kids that went to an ATC college ? This is the kind of thinking you should be doing. Don’t wait on tired, old guys like me to lead. Jump out there and be somebody. I made a reputation for myself by working in the one area most people don’t really care about -- safety -- and studying the one thing that people really don’t care about -- the Book.

You can do the same. Study the budget. Study legislation. Study Lockheed. Knowledge is power. Pick something. Anything. But for God’s sake get up off your butt and fight for yourselves. Fight for your profession. Or you won’t have one.

Don Brown
January 22, 2010


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