Thursday, July 17, 2014

Just Show Up

This had to be one of the prettiest mornings of my life.

Don Brown
July 17, 2014

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Fate and Fear

I had no idea Lockerbie, Scotland was along our route through the United Kingdom. It felt like fate to find it. Not a good fate. But fate nevertheless.

When you're younger (or at least when I was younger) you don't dwell on the enormity of a disaster like Pan Am 103. You don't realize the enormity of losing a parent, much less a son or a daughter. You recognize that it's a horror. But you don't know the full weight of it.

The town of Lockerbie has done a good job of dealing with it. The Garden of Remembrance is a beautiful place, in a beautiful land. Hopefully fate will be kinder to the town in the future. The fear should stay to keep us vigilant. Hopefully a distant memory. But a memory still.

Don Brown
July 6, 2014

A Post From Afar

Fate reaches across the ocean. My friend that I'm touring the United Kingdom with has family in Brechin, Scotland. Brechin is the home of Sir Robert Alexander Watson-Watt -- the man that oversaw the creation of the Chain Home at the start of World War II. You can read on your own, but, in short, he's the inventor of the modern radar system. The town has just erected a new statue of him.

I guess it's appropriate that the sky was overcast.

Don Brown
July 6, 2014