Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More From New Braunfels

No, I haven’t forgotten about them. The Free Marketeers love the “Free” market -- especially when the government is paying for it.

City has applied for FAA oversight of tower

Say what ? Somebody wants to be regulated ?

”Approval of a federal contract tower will mean increased revenue for the airport through FAA grants, lessening the amount of money that flows from city coffers to run the airport.

And, if the application is approved, the New Braunfels air traffic control tower — including it staffing levels — will be regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration, resolving a recent debate over the number of air control operators needed to safely monitor current air traffic levels. “

I see. Get Uncle Sam to pay for it so Texas Republicans can scream about “state’s rights” in the next election. And something else while we’re here, why doesn’t the FAA regulate the staffing anyway ? Wasn’t that the whole idea behind Federal regulation of aviation -- continuity of service ? What they are really saying is that there’s a hole in the regulatory framework big enough to drive a 747 through.

Visit the Wright Flyers Aviation, Inc. web site and count the number of times they say “FAA approved” or “FAA certified” in the sales job. Be sure to think on the significance of the Chinese flag posted on the site while you’re there. Colgan Air too ?

There are more inconsistencies here than you can shake a stick at. Except for the understaffing of ATC. That’s pretty consistent.

Don Brown
January 26, 2010


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