Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some Safety Help

Most of my readers will remember Peter Nesbitt, the controller at MEM that won the whistleblower case. He could use some help. From his site FAA Whistleblower:

”I would like to request any information, reports, statements, comments, or background information that you can provide with regards to tailwind operations. Does ALPA have a position on tailwind operations? What is ALPA’s guidance to pilots with regards to tailwind operations? Can you provide me with an official statement regarding tailwind operations that I may use in my response to the DOT/OIG? How does a tailwind affect safety? “

Anyone that has kept up with this story knows that Peter is the real deal. He put his job on the line to protect the pilots and the public. If you have knowledge of the operation in question, help him out.

Read the blog entry and answer on the form provided at the bottom of his page.

Don Brown
January 24, 2010


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