Monday, January 11, 2010

I Didn’t Write It

I swear. It wasn’t me. It might sound like me, but it isn’t.

”A decade ago the FAA--like NextGen today--had a plan to modernize the air traffic control system.  It was called Free Flight.  Phase One of the plan was to be finished in 2002.  It wasn't.  Phase Two never started “

NextGen and Green Skies = Hooked.

When you look at the visuals, keep in mind that the bean counters get all hot and sweaty when they see the little jiggys in the flight paths. They think they can make it more efficient. That’s the same kind of thinking that brought you pre-9/11 airport security, $50 dollar luggage fees, $7 pillows and $2 Cokes. Somehow, they never show one of those “after” photos with a thunderstorm right in the middle of it.

Run over to The Potomac Current and Undertow and read the whole story.

Don Brown
January 11, 2010


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