Thursday, October 04, 2007

When it Rains...

You get mold. Well, if your roof leaks and your building is 47 years old you do. At Atlanta Center, it does and it is. You can read about it for yourself.

Fungus is plaguing air traffic controllers

In that I worked in that building for 25 years, I feel as I can speak with some authority on the subject. Atlanta Center is a dump. It was already a toxic dump -- everybody used asbestos back when it was built -- so I guess they’re trying for Super Fund status now.

Oh well. At least the damage will be minimized. Controllers are bailing out of Atlanta Center as fast as they can. A buddy of mine wrote me last week to give me the list of retirees this month. I think it was a half-dozen or more. (It’s on my other computer -- the one in the shop.) I’ve been telling guys they should get out for their health. The job is hard enough on your health in the best of times. I can’t remember a “best of times” at Atlanta Center but I’m sure that now is not it. I’ll have to change my spiel now from, “Get out as soon as you can. You’ll live longer” to ”RUN FOR YOUR LIVES !”

Don Brown
October 4, 2007

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