Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Back in the Saddle Again

Once the thought hit me, I couldn’t get the title out of my head. Even worse, I couldn’t get the song out of my head. Don’t click on that link (a .ram file) unless you want to suffer the same fate. “Whoopi-ty-aye-yay....

Anyway, all is right with the world today. The heat wave is supposed to break today, my wife is back from her girls-only trip to Savannah and I have my trusty iBook back. What more can a man ask for ?

It’s amazing how personalized a computer becomes. I spent more time trying to find web sites -- web sites I had bookmarked on this computer -- than I did writing. I remember a neat trick my friend Pete showed me years ago. He’d turned his home page at his ISP into his bookmarks. In other words, his home page was nothing but bookmarks of his favorite sites. I might have to revisit that idea.

My wife’s iBook was noticeably faster than mine. That was nice. The dictionary widget alone might be worth the price of a new laptop (with the latest version of OS X.) I’m not known for my spelling skills.

While I’m on the subject of computers, a public thank you to AIS Computers in Fayetteville, GA. They must be doing something right because they sure aren’t getting rich off of me. The service department still had my address down as my previous one and that was nine years ago. No visits to the shop in nine years and we have five Apple computers in our house. Need I say we like Apple ? I like AIS too. They always treat me right -- even if I only show up once in a decade.

I’ll be playing catch up again this week. I’ll have to go back through the FAA’s history book and see if there’s anything I missed telling you about in the last few days. There’s the retirement party for another friend of mine from Atlanta Center to tell you about. That, of course, means I’ve got even more dirt on the mold situation in the facility. And then there’s the never ending list of the Bush Administration’s lessons on how not to run a government. Yippe-yi-oh-ty-aye.

Don Brown
October 10, 2007

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