Friday, October 12, 2007

Hindsight From Texas

Remember what I told you about Molly Ivins ?

”It’s just a collection of various columns from her career. The thing that struck me about them, though, was how timely they are -- still.”

Timely they are. Try this one for hindsight.

” The single worst thing I can say about George W. Bush after five years of watching him is that if you think his daddy had trouble with "the vision thing," wait’ll you meet this one. I don’t think he has any idea why he’s running for the presidency, except that he’s competitive and he can. On the other hand, most Republicans don’t want government to do much anyway, so Bush is perfect for them. “

”This is not a person of great depth or complexity or intelligence; he does not have many ideas. (Actually, aside from tort reform, I’ve never spotted one.) I don’t think he knows or cares a great deal about governance. Nevertheless, he is a perfectly adequate governor of Texas, where we so famously have the weak-governor system. Bush was smart enough to do what Bob Bullock told him to for four years, and it worked fine. “

(Note: Bob Bullock was the Vice President...err...the Lieutenant Governor of Texas, the position where the real power lies in Texas.)

Does anybody know of any Molly Ivins’ out there now, so maybe we can pay attention the next time around ?

Don Brown
October 12, 2007

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