Friday, October 12, 2007

Of Mouth and Money

I’ve never been one to try and separate people from their money but I’m going to give it whirl. Not for myself -- yet -- but for someone I believe deserves my help -- and yours.

I’ve sent my readers to The Main Bang on several occasions. John Carr is the author of The Main Bang and he’s my friend. He was once my enemy.

Perhaps “enemy” is too harsh a word. He and I were on opposite sides of the political fence. I helped run a campaign for another friend that was opposing John. Like all political campaigns, it seems, things got a little harsh at times.

John won the election and became president of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association. While he was president, I was offered an opportunity to write for AVweb. It was one of the greatest opportunities of my life. John didn’t just stand out of the way and let it happen, he put the full resources of NATCA behind me and made it happen. The FAA said I couldn’t write for AVweb. NATCA’s legal department said I could. And John Carr said NATCA would back me up if it came to a fight. Without his word -- without NATCA’s backing -- I would never have agreed to risk my career.

John has his own legal battle to fight now. You can read about it on his blog, The Main Bang, but before you go, I want to say this: If you’ve ever derived anything of value from my columns, if you’ve ever attended any of the dozens of lectures I’ve given around the country -- I’m asking you to help John out.

I’ve been threatened with a lawsuit before and it isn’t any fun. But I kept writing because I believe what I have to say is important. It’s people like John Carr that give people like me the courage to say the things that need to be said. I’m asking you to be one of those people too. I’ve put my money where my mouth is -- I’ve donated. Jump on over to The Main Bang, read the story and then take the time to stand up for a standup guy.

Don Brown
October 12, 2007

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