Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Headline News ?

I’m increasingly dismayed by what I see on CNN’s Headline News. Back when I was a controller, I could rarely watch the regular evening news and was grateful that Headline News Network (renamed Headline News) came along so I could catch the news whenever I had some time.

I guess those days are gone too. The channel is still on the air but nobody is home. This was just a random 30 minutes I picked out this afternoon.

Grading parents -- should schools tell parents how well they’re doing ?
Halloween Costumes Too Sexy ?
Britney Spears’ new album (more excuses for sexy costumes)
Blackwater story -- tease...
Blackwater Immunity ? (Does every headline have a question mark now ?)
Guests walking out on interviews -- tease...
America’s Favorite Cities (Don’t ask me. A CNN infomercial I think)
Britney Spears again -- custody battle
The President of France walks out of an interview
Report Says Texas Issues Too Many Reports
High school Cheerleader steps in front of banner and gets trampled when the football team busts through the banner

Well, there’s 30 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. You can be assured, I don’t watch Glen Beck, Nancy Grace or Showbiz Tonight. And I won’t watch Fox News. Thank heavens for The Daily Show. How sad is that ? A comedian with a fake news program does a better job of covering the news than the news channels ? I just set my video recorder to start taping the BBC news.

Who would have ever thought you’d miss the days of Bill Tush and the Weather Dog ?

Don Brown
October 30, 2007

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