Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Nation’s Best

Remember when you were a kid and you had big dreams ? I don’t know how the rest of the world is but in America, we encourage our children to dream big. There isn’t a child in America that hasn’t heard, at some point in life, “You could even be President someday.”

Have you ever dreamed of being the best ? The best in the whole-wide world ? Imagine what it must be like. Even for just one brief, shining moment. A team from Warner-Robbins, GA (just south of where I live) won the Little League World Series this summer. It was all over the news here -- the talk of the town, if you will. Heroes. The best in the world.

Imagine being on the team that will win the real World Series soon. Or the real Super Bowl. The fame, the glory, the adulation. Not to mention the money.

Or how about Al Gore winning the Nobel Peace Prize this week ? Imagine the sense of accomplishment he must feel. The vindication. After being America’s political punching bag for so many years, he is honored for his efforts with the most prestigious award in the world.

Do you know what you get if you’re on the team of air traffic controllers that is the busiest in the world ? You get mold. Look at their reward. Click on the link below and look at the pictures.

ABC News -- Nation’s Busiest FAA Facility Plagued by Mold and Other Problems

But, hey, you’ve always got to remember it could be worse. You could be the best solider in the world, get shot and get mold.

What’s it going to take America ? Just how bad is your government going to get before you get mad enough to do something about it ? Is this the nation’s best ?

Don Brown
October 13, 2007

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