Saturday, May 31, 2008

Whistle-Blowers In The Post

Just a quick note to call your attention to an article in The Washington Post.

More Step Up To Complain About FAA

Whistle-Blowers Say Agency Ignored Safety Concerns

In the article, you will read about Peter Nesbitt. Peter and I have been talking to each other, via the internet, for years. Invariably, the conversations have been about safety in air traffic control. The conversations have been intelligent and heartfelt. If Peter says it’s a problem -- I bet that it’s a problem. You can too.

This is so infuriatingly typical of the FAA. The people that care -- the very ones that you want looking after your safety -- are treated the worst of all. Because they actually care enough -- to notice the problems, to bring them management’s attention, to insist that they are fixed -- they are branded a “trouble makers.”

Keep your eyes on Memphis -- the Tower, the Approach Control and the Center. Something tells me that this isn’t over.

Don Brown
May 31, 2008

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