Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Internet Insight

The power of the internet continues to amaze me. As I said yesterday, I see an interesting map displayed, in a floor speech from the Senate, and it only takes about five minutes to find the map on the internet. When I think about days gone by, traveling to the library to do some research and having to order materials from other libraries...well, it’s amazing.

Today’s post is much the same. Last month I mentioned an article in The Atlantic written by James Fallows. The article is about the use of Very Light Jets (VLJs) as air taxis and focuses on a company called DayJet. I was surprised that air traffic control wasn’t mentioned in the article and in his blog today, Mr. Fallows mentioned (as I have on several occasions) that only so much fits into one article. The part about DayJet’s interaction with ATC had been edited out for space limitations.

Also in his blog today, Mr. Fallows provides more insight into the subject from others, including John Schubert. In the piece, Mr. Shubert says,

”They (the airlines) have shamelessly and dishonestly blamed general aviation for their own scheduling delays. They even filmed a commercial which showed a bunch of fat cats in a private jet getting priority over an airliner. “

In case you don’t remember those commercials (I do) you can find them here. I believe the Air Transport Association (the industry’s lobby group) understands the power of the internet all too well. And unlike the citizens, they have millions of dollars to exploit that power -- year after year after year.

Don Brown
May 14, 2008

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