Sunday, May 04, 2008

Goodness and Mercy

In her latest book, Jan Karon takes her main character -- Father Tim Kavanagh -- Home to Holly Springs. Ms. Karon’s books are such a radical departure from most of the books I read. There’s nothing about public policy, no controversy -- just the complicated, simple goodness of life. Her books are sweet to the point of being sappy -- and I’ve read every one of them.

I blew through this one in just a few days. It’s not that you can’t put it down -- it’s that you don’t want to. Ms. Karon still has the touch. She can spin an enchanting story out of a small, isolated town with a main character that ought to bore you to tears. You might shed some tears but they won’t be out of boredom. And you keep turning the page. You’ll find goodness and you may find mercy. You may even find yourself.

Home to Holly Springs is the start of a new series for Ms. Karon but it picks up where the Mitford series left off. You might want to start at the very beginning -- At Home in Mitford. Enjoy.

Don Brown
May 4, 2008

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