She’s Got Legs

I don’t know where the saying comes from but you’ve probably heard news people say it too -- “this story has legs.”

The outgoing FAA Administrator (Marion Blakey) announced she has a new job as head of the AIA, a few days ago. Then she signed a contract with ITT for the new ADS-B system the FAA (via Marion Blakey) has been touting. To the tune of $1.8 billion dollars of taxpayer’s money. Well, ITT is a member of (you guessed it) AIA.

The Daily Koz has picked it up and so has another blog called Jetwhine. The story was first put together by our friends over at The FAA Follies.

It’s interesting. The are worse things that Marion Blakey has done during her tenure at the FAA. Things that will have a much longer and more damaging effect on the organization charged with ensuring air safety. The willful destruction of the controller workforce being one of the worst. But if this is the story that causes the public to lift up the corner of the rug to see what has been swept under it...I hope those “legs” start walking.

Don Brown
September 7, 2007


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