Bush Does it Again

Saying “we told you so” is getting real old. Even if it’s true and needs to be said.

Analysts at the Government Accountability Office have voted to join a union, a first at the 86-year-old agency.

It seems as if the harder the Republicans try to kill off unions the more people decide they need a union. Maybe one day they’ll just leave well enough alone.

Nah, I don’t really think they will either.

”The GAO is an agency of Congress that audits federal programs and ferrets out waste, fraud and mismanagement in the executive branch. It is widely regarded as a prestigious place to work in Washington and was ranked No. 2 in a "best places to work" index this year. “

If you can imagine how bad your employer must be treating you to form a union at the “No. 2 best place to work” in government you can just imagine how horrible things are at the FAA, which was tied for last place.

It ain’t just us. Read the article. Everybody in government is looking for a union to protect themselves from this Administration. What’s that ? You say you wish you could form a union to protect you and your fellow workers ? That’s right. It is harder in the private sector. It can get you fired (despite what the law says.) Gee...I wonder who made it that way ?

Here’s a history lesson of a different kind. The Taft-Hartley Act. That would be Senator Robert Taft (Republican - Ohio) and Representative Fred Hartley (Republican - New Jersey).

Browse through those links and see what looks familiar.

Don Brown
September 22, 2007


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