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Thatcherism Under Review

Today’s Photo 12-31-11

Today’s Photo 12-30-11

Today’s Photo 12-29-11

Vacationing With the 1%

Today’s Photo 12-26-11

Today’s Photo 12-24-11

Making Government Look Bad

Nailed It

Contractor Nation -- Iraqi Style

Music and Memory

Today’s Photo 12-19-11

So Far Behind

Today’s Photo 12-15-11

Battle of Britain 2011

Today’s Photo 12-10-11

No Time for Times


Arrested Development

Today’s Photo 12-6-11

Clarifying Thoughts on ERAM

Did You Think I Wouldn’t Find Out?

ERAM Roosting

Five Years

It Worked Before

Occupy America II

The Herman Cain Art Project

Today’s Photo 11-27-11

Occupy America

Open the Express Lanes!

Bad Comparisons

It’s Not Going to Work

ERAM Discussion Video

NATCA Guides You Home

A Sunny Salute

They Grow Up So Fast

Time “Challenged”

Technical Difficulties

Okay, I Love My iPad Too

Who? Us?

Today’s Photo 11-15-11

1 Percent Speaks

It’s a Time Shame

Today’s Photo 11-14-11

Today’s Photo 11-13-11

Today’s Photo 11-12-11

The Hangnail in My Life

Writing History -- Reagan

Two Thoughts on Taxes

Today’s Photo 11-8-11

Power to the People

Intellectual Cat Fight