Mile Markers

It may have escaped your notice. Get the Flick passed 50,000 “hits” the other day. It certainly isn’t earth-shattering news in the world of blogs. Toss in the fact that Get the Flick will be a year old in a few more days and it’s even less impressive.

Be that as it may, I’m having a good time and I thank you for reading. My musings aren’t nearly as exciting as reading about a childish, blonde girl apparently named after a hotel in France...although I’ve often wondered what the mention of her name with the word “naked” in the same sentence would do to the “hit” counter. The internet is indeed a curious place.

But back to the subject at hand. I’m thinking of making a few slight changes to Get the Flick and thought I’d encourage you to throw your two thoughts in for consideration.

For those that haven’t already figured it out, you can e-mail me by looking at the left side of the page and clicking on “View my complete profile”. That will take you to my profile page and you’ll see “Email” on the left side.

Most people that know me know that I always approach change slowly and cautiously. Just something to keep in mind should you decide to write. I wouldn’t want to waste your time. Requests for pictures of Paris Hilton: Naked will not be entertained.

Don Brown
September 17, 2007


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