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Until It Rains Again

Another dull sunrise on Monte Sano this morning.  Hardly a cloud in the sky.  But that's okay because I still have pictures from the waterfalls on Fagan Creek you haven't seen.  I can hardly wait until it rains again.  I've never settled on a shutter speed to use on waterfalls. I like the silky effect you get from the slower speeds.  My wife likes the more-frozen effect of the faster shutter speeds.  I try to do some of each but if push comes to shove (light doesn't last forever), I'll go with the slower speeds.  If a newbie presses me for a recommendation, I go with 1 second. (The review screen on digital cameras makes thing *so* much easier don't they?) Oh yeah, this is from the Monte Sano Nature Preserve, part of the Land Trust of North Alabama in Huntsville, Alabama. Nikon D7200 — Nikon 18-300mm F6.3 ED VR 48mm F29@0.8 seconds ISO 100 Polarizer DOL_0795.JPG ©Don Brown 2023

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