A Moment of Your Time

Sometimes, I can be so incredibly slow. There’s a fight going on and some of you may want in on it. I should have said something earlier.

The Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization bill is winding through Congress. NATCA is asking people to support HR2881 and has (of course) made it easy for you to do so. Just follow the link below and fill out the form.

Union Voice -- HR2881

I realize some might not want to leave their personal information. I did. And I’ve done so many times before on this site. Even if you don’t, it’ll give you a quick overview of the issue and at the very least, you can “cut and paste” the letter into a private e-mail and send it to your own Congressional Representative.

HR2881 is the same bill that AOPA is asking its members to support.

Take a moment of your time. Speak out and be heard. It’s your country.

Don Brown
September 19, 2007


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