Oh Happy Day

It’s a gorgeous day. The high temp for the day was 79, the humidity is only 40% and the wind was blowing at about 10-15 mph most of the day. I don’t think we Southerners mention that enough. The heat and humidity of summer are usually accompanied by still air. Or as my grandparents used to say, “not a breath of air.” You not only cook, you get to stew in your own juices -- sweating endlessly but never cooling. But not today. Although it was warm is the sun, it was delightful in the shade.

Marion Blakey is gone, the weather is great -- how could this day get any better ? Well, Paul Krugman could start a blog.

The Conscience of a Liberal.

And he did. It’s a beaut -- right out of the gate.

Introducing This Blog

”Most people assume that this rise in inequality was the result of impersonal forces, like technological change and globalization. But the great reduction of inequality that created middle-class America between 1935 and 1945 was driven by political change;...”

“Political change.” Paul Krugman has a vision of a better America and an ability to explain things that I can only dream of. I hope you’ll enjoy reading his thoughts as much as I do.

Don Brown
September 19,2007


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