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Texting While Flying


Grass Cutting and Podcasts

Krugman Twists the Knife

Today’s Photo 5-28-11

Creative Picture Usage

Republicans -- NextGen

Blogging With One Hand

Obama Market

Political Earthquake

Robert Reich, Lockheed Martin and AIA

Rachel In My Head

Newt’s Bedside Manner

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Come Fly With Me

Today’s Photo 5-19-11 (too)

Today’s Photo 5-19-11

God Bless You, Newt

Brazilian Mid-Air Collision Update

I'm Guessing It Hasn't

Not Yet Newt!

“Essential” Personnel

Today’s Photo 5-17-11

No Newt (5-16-11)

Scovel Quote -- ERAM “In-Service Decision”

Today’s Photo 5-16-11

ERAM -- “Key Log” in FAA’s NextGen

Recent History Lesson

Today’s Photo 5-14-11

See Newt Run

I’m Moving to Amsterdam

Today’s Photo 5-12-11

Leroy Boy, Is That You?

ERAM Update 5-11-11

What’s American?

“The Economist” on Economics

Where Did ERAM Go?

Today’s Photo 5-5-11

The Scales of Death

Lame Line

Sleeping On the Job

Bin Laden or Banksters?