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The Warning

Blogus Interruptus

That Was Fast

Krugman vs The United Kingdom

Today’s Photo 6-27-10

Dilbert Doings

Today’s Photo 6-25-10


Today’s Photo 6-21-10

You’re Still Reading Krugman, Right?

Today’s Photo 6-20-10

Today’s Photo 6-19-10

Sounds Like a Threat

Privatization Consequences

Today’s Photo 6-18-10

Murphy’s Law (Episode 4,716)

Today’s Photo 6-17-10

You’ve Got a Yard Don’t You?

History Alert

Today’s Photo 6-16-10

I Love the Way She Thinks

Who Knew?

Today’s Photo 6-15-10

And Another Thing (On Drones)

Drones and Droning

Today’s Photo 6-14-10

Congratulations Mr. Planzer

Double Ugly

Today’s Photo 6-13-10

Today’s Photo -- 6-12-10

My Photography Rules

Moving On

The Culture at the FAA’s Core



A Random Act of Referral

Hope Eternal

Klein Again

Taking Names

Properly Motivated

Familiar Names

GPS Warning