Tuesday, August 02, 2011

You Can’t Be Serious!

Has this Administration lost its mind?

LaHood shifts gears, presses Senate to accept House FAA bill

"Saying it was the only way to avert a month-long shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said Tuesday that the Senate should accept a House version of a short-term funding bill for the agency despite provisions it finds objectionable."

WHY??? Do you think you’ll outsmart them next time? There will be a next time you know? The Republicans will use this tactic again. After all, why wouldn’t they? It keeps working for them.

Cowboy rider

Somebody is going to have to cowboy up. Otherwise these bullies are going to keep taking your lunch money again and again. Hell, if you won’t do it for your pride do it for the country. You did see what “The Market” thought of your debt ceiling deal didn’t you?

Did you read Krugman today? Did you see what he had to say about Greece? You guys do know your history don’t you?

If you would learn how to fight, the House of Representatives would have never left town. They’d have sat in their airplanes on a taxiway until they ran out of gas if that is what you had wanted. Air traffic controllers can make those sorts of things happen, you know?

What? You think leaving 4,000 FAA workers without a paycheck for a month is right? Fair? Whatever thought went through your head when I suggested a radical action -- turn it around and ask yourself if Congressman John Mica’s actions are any less so.

And the crazy thing is, I bet over half of the FAA folks without a paycheck voted for the Republican Representatives that just kicked them to the curb.

Look, I’m all for decency, restraint and the rule of law. But these Republicans are out to destroy you. Try winning a debate on the merits after they’ve kicked your teeth out as see what it gets you.

Black eye 2

Stand up and fight. Yeah, it’s going to hurt. But not nearly as much as if you just roll over and let them keep kicking you.

Don Brown
August 2, 2011

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