Thursday, August 04, 2011

Class Is In Session

I sure am glad I got my money out of stocks. I wish I had been smart enough to get my TSP account into the G Fund like I knew I should. That’s right boys and girls, my TSP account is taking the same ride yours is. Here's the stock market since I sold on July 27.

[12:50PM on Google Finance]

So, instead of anybody thinking I know what I’m talking about when it comes to money, let’s listen to the guy that does -- Professor Krugman.

Rates of Wrath

”Not good news in stock markets — but you really have to look at the bond markets to get the full awfulness of the situation.

The US 10-year bond rate is now down to 2.5%. So much for those bond vigilantes. What this rate is saying is that markets are pricing in terrible economic performance, quite possibly a double dip. And it also says that Washington’s deficit obsession has been utterly, totally wrong-headed.”

The news doesn’t get any better...but you should probably read it all.

Don Brown
August 4, 2011

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