Thursday, August 11, 2011

ERAM Update 8-11-11

ERAM is still in a holding pattern. As far as I can tell, nothing has changed. From Aviation Week:

More Schedule Challenges For ERAM

”The FAA’s two-week partial shutdown has jeopardized the timetable for introducing a new en route ATC system, a further blow to a crucial program that has already suffered major delays.”

I’ll limit my comment to one part;

”The union would not comment on the status of the program, although it had previously raised concerns about ERAM before it signed an agreement to become more involved in testing.”

That’s an odd position to take. But considering that NATCA’s official position on ERAM hasn’t been made public (at least anywhere I’ve seen), I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Don Brown
August 11, 2011

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Paul said...

It's very simple. The union is going along, grudgingly, but not putting up any kind of actual resistance.

They feel that to do so would risk their involvement in the first place. "If we make a stink, they might not let us be on the team and they won't work in a collaborative way with us. Then we will get a crappy system."

Of course, we're getting a crappy system anyway, but don't let that kind of logic confuse the situation.

The reality is this: it's getting better, but still has a bajillion issues that are unresolved. ATSAP safety reports are filed on it all the time. When they go to turn it on in other facilities, they're going to have a bunch of new errors. Things happen that are not supposed to.

It's going to be hundreds of millions over budget and lead to more errors. But... right now, it looks inevitable, and NATCA isn't putting up any kind of fight.

The real shame is that our young controllers don't know that the union CAN, or should, fight. Anyone hired in the past six or seven years only knows a union that is dependent on others for everything.