Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Presidential Fantasy

President Barack Obama is scheduled to sign the debt ceiling Bill this afternoon, shortly after the Senate (we assume) passes it. Wouldn’t it be great if -- with everyone gathered for the signing ceremony -- he vetoed the Bill and issued an Executive Order to raise the debt ceiling?

It’s really simple folks. The Republicans aren’t the majority in this government. They control one half of the Legislature. That’s it. But they think they have found a formula to get their way -- hostage taking -- and they will continue to use it until someone stops them. That person could be -- should be -- Barack Obama.

Official portrait of Barack Obama

You may not know this but FAA employees do. Chairman John Mica (A Republican) has inserted a poison pill into a continuing resolution for the Federal Aviation Administration. The Senate (controlled by the Democrats) refuses to pass Mica’s version so the FAA has lost its authority to collect taxes. The FAA has furloughed 4,000 employees with no pay. Chairman Mica has taken them hostage.

And here’s the kicker, the Republicans -- in control of the House of Representatives -- have adjourned and gone home for vacation. The Senate (controlled by the Democrats) has to sign off on Mica’s version of the Bill or 4,000 FAA employees won’t get a paycheck for at least 5 weeks. 90,000 other private workers are idle because the FAA doesn’t have the money to continue its construction projects. And, the Federal government has already lost $250 million in taxes. If this isn’t resolved, loses are expected to exceed $1 billion.

John Mica Portrait

Have you got the Flick here? One man -- Congressman John Mica -- has taken 4,000 FAA employees, 90,000 private workers and $1 billion in taxes hostage and threatened to waste them all if he doesn’t get his way. And then he takes a vacation while they are all left hanging.

If President Obama vetoes that debt ceiling Bill, the House would have to come back to town to override it. That would take awhile. And I’m betting the Supreme Court doesn’t have the desire to issue an injunction against the President, forcing the United States of America to default.

If only President Obama had the courage. Mr. President, please pull the trigger.

Don Brown
August 2, 2011

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John Thacker said...

Of course, you could mention what those "unacceptable" conditions are in the FAA bill-- cuts to the Essential Air Service rural subsidies for rural airports within 250 miles of a hub airport. Is any kind of corporate subsidy acceptable to cut?

But no, Rockefeller has to do hostage taking of his own, holding the entire FAA hostage in order to get subsidies for Morgantown, WV.