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Those of you that pay really close attention might have caught this post from one of the guys on my list of blogs (over on the right side) -- James Fallows.

Coming Soon: New Faces in This Space

”I am really excited by the prospect of introducing in a few days a highly varied squadron of guest bloggers, who will appear in week-long stints in teams of three or four. They'll start next Monday, in a first group that includes: a serving foreign ambassador in Beijing; an accomplished tech-world industrial designer; a pilot and writer whose work is already familiar here; and a teacher and essayist. In subsequent weeks we'll have scientists, people from startup companies, software designers, air traffic controllers, high school guidance counselors, "normal" bloggers, etc. The idea will be to have balanced representation of the main fields of human knowledge -- China, software, politics, beer, aviation, rhetoric, journalism, frogs, the greatness of China Daily, and so on -- and people from different parts of the world, different walks of life, etc. ”

(Emphasis added)

Yep. I’m afraid so. That would be me. I feel like I’m waiting to plug in at the LOGEN sector during the evening rush hour -- and I’m not checked out on that sector. Oh well. Fortunately, I have over a month to get the Flick. My substitution slot won’t start until the end of February (don’t worry, I’ll remind you) and I’ll use the time to “go to school” on the other guest bloggers.

Speaking of which, I’ve already fallen for one of this week’s guest bloggers -- John Tierney. (No offense to the other three, I just haven’t gotten there yet.)

After visiting his blog and watching one short video, I clicked on the tag “Corporate America” and it was off to the races. I immediately bookmarked the site.

I hope that it occurs to you that you too might find some new voices that you will enjoy in the next few weeks. Finding new blogs is a tedious and time-consuming process. I assure you, James Fallows will be an excellent “guide” through the blogosphere. Well, with the realization that nobody is perfect.

Don Brown
January 25, 2011

P.S. I’m getting there. I liked this one too.


Unknown said…
Congrats Don! That's a true honor.
Don Brown said…
-- Thanks, Jay.

Don Brown

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