Get the Flick

As you can probably guess, I was once an Air Traffic Controller. This blog won’t be about just air traffic control -- it won’t be about just anything -- but air traffic control (ATC) is a big part of my life.

Air Traffic Controllers have a unique ability to “see” airplanes in their mind’s eye. They use this “picture” to predict and plan for the future. This is known as having the flick. This “picture” is never perfect and it must be constantly updated with new information as the situation changes. When the amount of information becomes overwhelming and the mental model becomes so complex the controller can no longer maintain it, he is said to have lost the flick.

Controllers tend to lump people into three categories:

Those that have the flick -- aware, in charge or on the ball....

Those that lost the flick -- they're distracted or overwhelmed...

The 7UPs -- Never had it and never will.

So, what is this blog all about ? Anything I want it to be about. ATC, government, books, politics, world events, people -- in short, whatever crosses my mind. My only goal is to provide thoughts, ideas and information. Hopefully it will be something that helps you get the flick.

Don Brown
Fall 2006


Hello from a former ATC. (USAF, NORAD, Oak Grove).

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