Monday, January 31, 2011

Shocked, I Am

I know all current (and former) FAA employees are shocked to read this news.

FAA Reauthorization, NextGen Could Be Delayed By $1 Billion Lawsuit

”A report in The Hill indicates that WCG is seeking $1 billion in damages against allegations that Raytheon Employee Charles Keegan entered into a conspiracy with the FAA to get a 10-year contract for air traffic controller training. Keegan had been an FAA employee during the bidding process, and allegedly had a romantic involvement with another senior FAA employee, whom he later married. The suit charges the two conspired to be sure WGC would not be able to get the contract as a subcontractor for Lockheed Martin. Keegan now is Raytheon's manager for the contract.”

I’ve got the solution to this problem, by the way. Put the training back in-house -- with FAA employees -- like it ought to be. It’s just corporate welfare. All the instructors and all the managers are ex-FAA employees. They were all trained and educated at taxpayer expense. And it’s all being used for corporate profit -- instead of for the good of the people that paid for it. It’s a charade. It should have ended decades ago.

Don Brown
January 31, 2011

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Air Traffic Mike said...

Don, thanks for posting the link. I went to college with Mr. Keegan at Daniel Webster College.

It was with great dismay I read the article. However, given the pro-management atmosphere of the Bush 2 administration, I'm just not surprised. It seems a lot of the top brass (Blakey, Sabatini, Chew, et al.) took advantage of the contacts they made and cashed in on the backs of the career front line employees.

I wish Charlie well and hope he understands that it's likely the Justice Department is watching closely.

Love your blog pal. Looking forward to your "guest blogging" coming up.