Monday, January 10, 2011

In Case You Missed Friday’s Trash

No surprises here. We’re used to the lies, exaggerations and distortions here at Get the Flick.

FAA's Lockheed Equipment Upgrade to Cost $330 Million More as Flaws Found

”We ran into some operational challenges,” Huerta said. “

Does anybody out there need me to tell you this guy works for the FAA? It’s not even a “challenge” to figure that out is it?

”Controllers worked with the agency to resolve flaws and no more delays or cost increases are expected, he said. The upgrade is working in Salt Lake City, where it was re-activated in October, and Seattle, where it has operated since November, Huerta said.”

Did you ever notice how they “partner up” with controllers whenever they have to admit to a “challenge”?

Confused by the title? The West Wing may qualify as the greatest prime-time TV show of all time. Entertaining and educational. A 47-second explanation is here.

Yes, it is deja vu all over again. (Yes, I know it’s a Yogiism.)

Don Brown
January 10, 2011

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