Property Tax

In line with yesterday’s twist on taxes, James Fallows pointed us towards an interesting article in the Atlantic. Here’s just one graphic from a page full of educational graphics.

How would the average homeowner react if the Federal government sent them a $36,200 tax bill for their house? That’s right, there really would be a revolution. Think about how much that little bit of deregulation-free-market-magical-thinking cost you.

Instead of listening to these fools talk of picking up a gun -- pick up a newspaper, a magazine or a book. Read. Pick up the Atlantic. Read this article. Learn. Think. Vote.

By the way, the article I was reading on James’ blog was; The Small-Plane Non-Menace (updated)

You never know what you might learn, even if you only take the time to read about what interests you. It helps if you click on the links. Look right. You’ll see a link to James Fallows’ blog. It’s there for a reason.

Don Brown
January 14, 2011


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