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I won’t dwell on it but I sure hope this means we’ll see more Westerns.

‘The King’s Speech’ Tops Oscar Nominations

”In the morning’s biggest surprise, “True Grit,” a western remake from the filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen, followed with 10 nominations, including best picture, best director for the Coens, and a best actor nomination for Jeff Bridges, who won the acting award last year for “Crazy Heart.”

“True Grit” has been an audience favorite since its release in late December but had barely registered in the panoply of pre-Oscar awards and was recognized not at all at the Golden Globes last week.”

It’s a really good flick. I’ve seen it twice already. You should see it at least once.

Don Brown
January 25, 2011


Frank Van Haste said…
Hi, Don!

I actually liked the old "True Grit" better. Meanwhile, if you haven't seen "The King's Speech" yet, I urge you to do so. It's really good.


Don Brown said…
I keep hearing good things about it, Frank. Thanks. BTW, if you check my profile, you'll see "True Grit" (the original) is on the list of my favorite movies. I'm a fan of the Duke.

I'm not going to say Jeff Bridges was better than the Duke -- that would be almost un-American -- but it was a really good movie.

Don Brown

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