High Moon -- Monte Sano

There was a crescent moon hanging above Gurley, AL when I got to the overlook at Monte Sano State Park this morning.  By the time the light came up enough to put some color in the clouds it was getting pretty high in the sky.  So I got to play around with it all morning.  This is the one I liked the best.

For those new to my photography, I don't do any post processing.  Well, hardly ever.  And if I do, I'll tell you about it.  My point being, this is as close to real as I can get with a camera.  I'm sure I could make it prettier, but I can't make it realer.  And that's important to me. 

Nikon D7200 — Nikon 18-300mm F6.3 ED VR
F8@1 second

©Don Brown 2021


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