A Close Sky

I was surprised I could see as far as I could when I got to the overlook on Monte Sano this morning.  The clouds were streaming overhead and it seem like they were close — just barely higher than the mountain.  But you can see the lights in the valley, even if the far ridges were obscured.

By the way, this was at 4:58AM — over 30 minutes before sunrise.  I'm fascinated by the number of people that will get to the overlook 5 minutes before the Sun rises.  It is life affirming to see the Sun break the horizon but the prettier colors are almost always well before sunrise. 

Nikon D7200 — Nikon 18-300mm F6.3 ED VR
F8@2 seconds
Cropped (I nicked a tree limb in the corner)

©Don Brown 2021


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