Even the Cowboy State

 What are the chances I can make a *quick* point?  (Slim or none?)

Ever hear Republicans talk about "Democrat Cities"?  Have you ever stopped to think that there aren't any Republican cities?  If you take a look at the biggest U.S. cities, you'll see the only one run by a Republican is San Diego. (Does Coronado ring any bells for you?) (But still, San Diego's in the top ten?)

You'll notice that, once again, I'm using the New York Times "Extremely Detailed Map of the 2016 Election". (Promote Democracy! Subscribe!) I love maps.  I *really* love this map. One of the things you notice when using this map is that virtually every city in the United States has a Democratic precinct in the middle of it.  Even in Montana.

So when you hear that the United States Postal Service is removing mail boxes from Missoula, Montana, you can still be assured that Trump is targeting Democrats.  Yes, even in Wyoming. Wyoming tries real hard but even the Cowboy State has a Blue heart.

Don Brown
August 16, 2020


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