Monday, July 25, 2011

Another Mess from Mica

I have tried all weekend to find something to say about the furloughs at the FAA. I can think of many things to say. I cannot think of anything I would want my mother to read.

The reporting on all this has been pitiful in my opinion. Both the quantity and quality.

4,000 FAA employees furloughed

”Those facing furloughs are victims of a partisan stalemate over several relatively minor issues that have stymied passage of a long-term FAA reauthorization bill. Among those issues: Ground rules for unionization in the airline and railroad industries, and funding levels for subsidized air service to small towns.”

That’s fine. As far as it goes. Which isn’t far. A “sound bite” from Senator Rockefeller and Congressman Mica each is tossed out there and the readers are left to decide. Of course, 90% of the readers don’t have a clue about the background.

Here’s another example from the Atlanta paper.

Congress-FAA Furloughs

”Mica told me in the U.S. Capitol on Friday morning that he wasn't moved by all of the appeals for another short term extension of the FAA bill.

"I'm tired of playing games," Mica said.

"We're paying $3,700 to subsidize one plane ticket in one Senator's district - that's not right."”

While the reporter does a decent job of covering the facts in a limited amount of space, Mica’s statement is left basically unchallenged. And, this being the South, the Democratic side of the story receives less play.

As my readers know, Congressman Mica represents the worst in Washington politics. He started this food fight and could care less how many FAA employees he has hurt -- much less how it hurts the country. I read a Latin phrase just yesterday that seems apropos -- Res ipsa loquitur . The thing proves itself. (“Negligence”, “duty of care”, “breach” -- indeed.) The failure to keep the FAA running proves what a lousy leader he is.

Mica hasn’t changed. He hates unions. He believes everything possible should be privatized and he knows next to nothing about aviation.
The thought that a putz like this has replaced a giant like Oberstar makes me ill. (Hopefully, my Mom hasn’t learned Yiddish.)

Once again, I challenge air traffic controllers with this question: What are you prepared to do to defend your profession? Mica is nothing more than a bully. And until you stand up to him (and people like him), he’ll keep stealing your lunch money.

I knew I shouldn’t have started on this post. &%$#!!!

Don Brown
July 25, 2011

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