Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Academy Visit

I just happened to see this while I was sitting here dodging my lawnmower and the heat wave.

Is that what you Tower Flowers spent all your time doing? Our “low fidelity” simulator in the Center option didn’t come with visual aids.

Don Brown
July 13, 2011


DTWND said...

Don, You're showing your age. Aerocenter, progress strips, V6S, 17mile crossing restrictions with 15 degrees divergence... Ahhh memories.

DTWND (ret 8/2/08)

Don Brown said...

Wait until you see the next post, DTWND. Let's just say I'm crazy from the heat. :)

Don Brown

Air Traffic Mike said...

I'm an alumni of "Bravo Approach". Back in early 1984 the "low fidelity" tower simulator was the thing of dreams.

It was our "NextGen".

All we had were paper airplanes and they never did what we told them to do.

However, unlike NextGen, the paper airplanes' technology actually worked.

Glad you're feeling better, Don.