Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Catch Up Day 7-13-11

It’s always the problem with going out of town -- playing catch up.

I’ve got emails I haven’t answered. Lots of them.

Robert Reich is back. Look right at the blog roll.

The Earth-bound Misfit mentions me and then proves me right -- even if I didn’t have courage in my conviction.

The Praxis Foundation has something new to say about NextGen. I thought of their piece about the privatization of space when I heard this story on Marketplace this morning. (Yes, I’m behind on that too.) We’ve privatized ourselves right out of the ability to get large objects into space and now we depend upon the Russians. Guess who gave us this policy? And guess who is going to give us a lesson in the economics of a monopoly?

Oh, and speaking of economics...Krugman is still being Krugman. Peevish, sarcastic and -- above all -- right. (Take it from me, Professor. They won’t ever admit you’re right until you retire. Being right isn’t nearly as popular as one might expect.)

Anyway, I’ve got to see what the Brits are going to do to Rupert. (Is the Tower of London still in operation?) Wake the ‘ell up. You ‘ave seen Fox News ‘aven’t you? And there’s still a question in your minds about giving Rupert ‘is own network?

Tower of London at night2

I also need to find out about the recall election in Wisconsin. I’m hoping Americans can remember what Republicans really act like for at least a year. Yeah, I know, that’s just crazy talk. (Are you blokes daft?)

Don Brown
July 13, 2011

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