Monday, July 18, 2011

The Tax Picture

I was watching CNN the other day and saw some great graphics about taxes and the budget. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve just about given up on the TV media as a whole -- but don’t get me started on that.

Anyway, I immediately went to their web site to get them but couldn’t find them (of course.) Thankfully, I remembered to look again. All we’re looking at here is taxes and the budget.

Reagan cut taxes and the deficit more than doubled.

Clinton raised taxes and we went from a deficit to a surplus.

George W. Bush cut taxes and we went back into a deficit.

It’s just that simple. This is the subject of the moment. The Republican Party wants to hold the the nation the world hostage because of the money we owe. But they are the Party that drained the nation’s coffers with tax breaks.

What we should be talking about is jobs. The Republicans say tax breaks create jobs. Where are they? The Republicans cut taxes -- the “Bush tax cuts”. Where are the jobs? The Republicans refused to allow “the Bush tax cuts” to expire after Obama took office. I ask again, where are the jobs? The fact is, the link between jobs and taxes is a myth. This was the best graphic of all.

Remember, Clinton raised taxes and cut the deficit. And the economy created over 7 times as many jobs as it did under George W. Bush. (That’s just a hint at how awful the Bush II Presidency truly was.) But you know what the best part of the piece from CNN was? It was the fact that they got their numbers from the Wall Street Journal. Here. Have a listen. Sorry, but you’ll have to listen to a Georgia Congressman (Paul Broun - R) talk all around the subject while you get the numbers. The disconnect between what he’s selling and what the facts are is truly amazing to watch.

Don Brown
July 18, 2011

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Kevin said...

Re the you suppose there's any excess in the defense budget that he'd be willing to give up?

The graphics they used were great. I'm curious why we're not seeing the Obama administration use these numbers in their talking points?

I know that conservatives like to counter with 9/11 as an excuse for why the economy totally tanked on W's watch but why then were so many jobs were created during Clinton's years of higher taxes?

And to think that I was actually a 'hard' republican at one point in my life.