Monday, May 16, 2011

Scovel Quote -- ERAM “In-Service Decision”

As an update to the “Key Log” post about ERAM, I decided to go back and get an exact quote for what I consider the key part of DOT Inspector General Calvin Scovel’s testimony in front of the Senate Appropriation Hearing on FY 2012 FAA Budget.

At the 80 minute mark:

”At times however, in our opinion, the Agency has been over eager -- a bit too quick -- to declare temporary victory in the face of some of the limited accomplishments that it has achieved. For instance the In-Service Decision actually was announced at the end of March but then quickly suspended in the face of protests from the NATCA representatives that Mr. Babbitt has mentioned and also from the independent, operating-assessment team that the Agency had commissioned to review ERAM fixes to date.”

Don Brown
May 16, 2011


Kevin said...

I'd be curious to know if any bonus money was tied to the in-service benchmark?

Don Brown said...

-- Me too, Kevin. And I'm not taking any bets.

Don Brown