Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ERAM Update 5-11-11

Just a quick update on the last incident. I had one person tell me that the computer glitch at Houston Center wasn’t ERAM. Interestingly, no one wrote to say what is was.

Like I said, quiet.

Don Brown


A. Larry said...

My exposure to ERAM has come as an instructor at the FAA academy. I like some of the new functionalities, but it flops more often than a pro soccer player. 'Fragile' is an apt descriptor.

Bob said...

Yes, its been very quiet about that incident. It sounds like the same problem they have had before, track jumps and dual tracks.

Maybe they like it, it cause their counts to go up. :)

wolfbitch said...

What we're hearing is that the ZHU thing was an FTI comm issue.

Someday, if you're really bored, I'll tell you all about the horror show that goes on daily at the WJHughes Tech Center in NJ. It involves some of the same people as those behind ERAM and HADDS, and it's just as ugly as you're afraid it is.