Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Not Yet Newt!

Geez Newt, don’t implode just yet. The fun has just started. You could be months of entertainment for Jon Stewart. We’re just getting warmed up.

Newt Gingrich's Flame-Out Says As Much About Campaigns As About The Former Speaker

”Gingrich, to be sure, has hardly made life easy for himself. His critique of House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan's Medicare voucher plan was bound to irritate the conservative base, which is already convinced that the Wisconsin Republican's proposal wasn't getting a fair shake. His call for new, targeted spending measures to encourage economic savings and growth made for a screeching contrast with the party's austerity mindset.”

Dang Newt, you’re supposed to wait until you’ve won the Republican nomination before you run to the center. You have to kowtow to the kooks on the right (that you helped create) first, if you’re to have any chance of winning. Everybody knows that.

By the way, for those not paying attention, the Republican Party has managed to skewer itself with the House vote on the (mentioned) Paul Ryan budget.

House Passes Paul Ryan Budget Proposal in Partisan Vote

”The resolution passed 235-189, with no House Democrats supporting its passage. Just four House Republicans – Reps. Walter Jones, David McKinley, Ron Paul and Denny Rehberg – opposed the bill.”

Those four Republicans are the only four that will be halfway safe from the wrath of older voters (you know, the ones that vote) in the 2012 elections. Every other Republican House member voted to kill Medicare. I don’t think half of them realized it but in that they’re the ones always screaming about reading the Bills they vote on, they don’t have a leg to stand on. Republicans voted to kill Medicare and they’ll just have to live with the consequences. I prefer to say they voted to privatize Medicare (just like they did with Social Security) but it doesn’t garner nearly as much attention as when you say Republicans voted to kill Medicare. It’s kind of like when Republicans were shouting "Death Panels!". Except they were lying and the Democrats are telling the truth -- Ryan’s budget will end Medicare as we know it.

Newt isn’t stupid and he knows this. And if there’s one thing Newt is good at, it’s turning on a dime.

Gingrich’s Big Flip-Flop: Was For Insurance Mandate Before He Was Against It

”Newt Gingrich was for the individual mandate for health insurance before he was against it -– that was the impression given Monday in a John Kerry-esque video that the former House Speaker’s campaign staff hurriedly released to quell a firestorm of criticism about comments he made Sunday on "Meet the Press."”

Dang Newt, I didn’t think I’d ever link to a story from NewsMax. They hung John Kerry on you twice and they’re supposed to be on your side. Makes you wonder what people that aren’t on your side are saying doesn’t it? Wonder no more.

Newt Gingrich, demagogue and liar: Attacking the left didn't prepare him for a White House run

”Glenn Kessler, the mild-mannered reporter behind "The Fact Checker," had to use almost 2,000 words in the online version of his column to deal with just some of Gingrich's exaggerations - so many lies, so little newspaper space - and wound up awarding him Four Pinocchios.”

Dang Newt! How’s that for Fair & Balanced?

Don Brown
May 17, 2011

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