Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Leroy Boy, Is That You?

Will he? Won’t he? Who knows? No one knows the mind of Newton Leroy Gingrich. But this much is certain: If Newt announces he is running for President today, I will be on him like stink on a skunk. Just sayin’. I don’t care how many readers it costs me (or earns me.)

Why? Watch. Learn. Listen.

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This is the kind of people Newt Gingrich empowers. Remember, I live in Georgia. Newt Gingrich was once my Congressman. Ralph Reed ran for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia. I’ve seen this operation firsthand. Half the people in Georgia get their politics from the pulpit. And instead of representing these God-fearing, hard-working people honestly, Gingrich and his kind abuse their trust and use the power entrusted to them for personal gain.

I won’t sit idly by and watch it happen again.

(By the way, if you remember the line from the song I used as a title, you’re old.)

Don Brown
May 11, 2011

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Elaine said...

Yeah, I recognized it, even before I got to the bottom of the blog. Great tune.