Monday, February 28, 2011

Today’s Photo 2-28-11

It’s the last day of February and I’m standing out by the lake at dawn -- the coldest part of the day -- in a t-shirt. Just sayin’. There’s not a leaf on a tree yet, and it’s warm enough for me to stand outside a couple of hours in a t-shirt. That can only mean one thing. Thunderstorms.

(Image from Intellicast)

On days like this, I’m glad I’m retired. It was a nice sunrise, by the way.

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Don Brown
February 28, 2011

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"La Vida de Perro" Rich's Excellent Adventure in Paradise said...

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Leveling the peaks and valleys of daily flight schedules seems to offer the best opportunity to enhance runway "productivity" in the near-term.

Night-time flying could be made more attractive by developing a system similar to Europe's Night Trains.

Also, there are a lot of under-used runways that could be brought into use. It all takes long-range planning, a prescious commodity these days.