Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The FAA Must Breed Whistleblowers

Some may remember the issues. Some may not.

Some may remember Scott J. Bloch from the Office of Special Counsel. Some may not.

But you’ll all be interested to see just how many signatures on this open letter to the Attorney General of the United States belong to people that used to work for the “Department of Transportation/Federal Aviation Administration”. Unbelievable.

An Open Letter from the Community of Whistleblowers to Attorney General Eric Holder

”Dear Attorney General Holder:

We, the undersigned, wish to bring to your attention an important issue: the effective and ethical prosecution by the Department of Justice of Scott J. Bloch, a man who has gravely damaged the federal civil service.”


”In addition, given the significant harm the defendant has caused to countless whistleblowers, the U.S. government, and the American people, the public interest requires that a credible, impartial, non-partisan prosecutor be tasked to lead this prosecution.”

”Attorney General Holder, we have long waited for Mr. Bloch to be held accountable in a court of law.  For too many of us, the erosion of the rule of law and ethical conduct in government came with a heavy price.  With our whistleblowing activities, we sought, and continue to seek, a government of laws, not of men.  Please help us restore this noble and long-standing principle by appointing a special prosecutor to lead United States v. Scott J. Bloch.”

Take a look. Not only is the FAA over-represented, the entire aviation industry has a few too many names on it for my comfort. And in case Coleen Rowley’s name rings a bell, clicking on the link will save you the trouble of looking it up. It made her Time’s Person of the Year in 2002.

Don Brown
February 22, 2011


David Pardo said...

Dear Members of the Aviation Community:

Join us.



David Pardo

Edward said...

I am a whistleblower. I was accused falsely by the FAA. They said I used an invalid date on a check ride. When they tried to prove it they ran into some problems. I had a feeding tube surgically inserted in my abdomen and couldn't fly on the date their manufactured evidence pointed to. That didn't matter. The FAA attorneys withheld evidence. Failed to provide information in discovery, provided false statements to the judge which they later apologized for and the best trick of all is that during the trial the Administrative law judge fell asleep. TWICE. I had all my certificates revoked. Selling guns out of the Birmingham FSDO is OK. Falsifying training records is OK. Possibly obtaining fraudulent type ratings is OK. Falsifying check rides is OK. Certifying pilots to fly aircraft by an unqualified inspector is OK. Hiding inspector involvement in accidents is OK. Not reporting aircraft damage by an inspector is OK. Misuse of tens of thousands of dollars in government funds approved by FSDO management is OK. These are just a few of the actions that have been turned into DOT-OIG, FAA, FAA Hotline and various other "Officials" that have resulted in NO, I repeat, NO action on the part of any government agency or office. WikiLeaks was almost inevitable as are other sources where an honest disclosure can be made. When the Agencies, Divisions, Districts can be disclosed and a very bright light be shown on them then the abuse that every whistleblower undergoes for trying to do what they were sworn to do when they took their jobs may accomplish the seemingly impossible task of holder the criminal, unethical government employees guilty and accountable.

David Pardo said...

One more time: