Monday, February 21, 2011

The Koch Brothers Again

I don’t really need to say anything much about this piece. Just ITYS. I do hope you’ll notice -- and ponder -- that it is from Forbes. That’s as in Steve Forbes. Rich guy. Conservative. The Capitalist’s Tool. Will wonders never cease?

Koch Brothers Behind Wisconsin Effort To Kill Public Unions

”As the nation focuses on the efforts of Governor Scott Walker to take away collective bargaining rights from public employees in Wisconsin, new information is coming to light that reveals what is truly going on here.
Mother Jones is reporting that much of the funding behind the Walker for Governor campaign came from none other than uber-conservatives, the infamous Koch Brothers.”

Be sure to follow all the links in that story. You might even want to read the author’s previous post.

The Final Battle In The War Against Unions Is Underway

”Without the collective bargaining powers that unions bring as the only real offset to corporate greed and without the organizing strength unions bring to political action, there will be no counter-balance to corporate power. I promise that you will not like the result if our unions should disappear – even if you are not a union member.”

I’ll second that opinion.

Don Brown
February 21, 2011

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