Monday, February 07, 2011

I Support Public Campaign Financing

You should too. Unless you just like your politicians beholden to the big money.

The Republican Party (the Party of the Rich) doesn’t support it. Isn’t that enough right there to convince you there is something to it?

The Death of Public Campaign Financing

”Of course, public financing isn't dead yet. The next crop of presidential candidates, including a diverse crew of GOP hopefuls in 2012, may yet launch their campaigns with Treasury funds. But even if public financing lives to see another election, the Supreme Court may be poised to finish it off once and for all. The high court has agreed to take up a challenge to a portion of Arizona's public-financing system, which gives extra money to candidates who face wealthy, self-financed opponents. Given this Court's antipathy toward election regulations, that challenge could spell doom for public financing.”

If Republicans vote against it but use it -- and the current Supreme Court is looking for a case with which to kill it -- you know it must be a good idea. Imagine, your Congressman sitting down to a dinner with his family -- instead of yet another big donor. Imagine your Congressman burning the midnight oil working on a Bill -- instead of chasing down more campaign cash.

I’m such a dreamer.

Don Brown
February 7, 2011

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