Saturday, February 19, 2011

To Be an American

In a fit of stupidity, I’ve gone straight from reading All the Devils Are Here to reading The Big Short. In other words, I’m still reading about a bunch of greedy lowlifes that ruined the world’s economy. Some of them are powerful enough that they get to shake the President’s hand. Hell, some of them have advised the President of the United States on economic policy. They make you embarrassed to be an American.

Instead of listening to me whine, I want you to set aside 25 minutes, jump over to Just an Earth-bound Misfit, I and watch the video at the link.

Medevac in the Sandbox

Sergeant Tyrone will make you proud to be an American. In a just world, he and his comrades would come back home to a life of luxury and we’d ship the banksters over there to bleed in the dust. But this isn’t a just world. And increasingly, America isn’t a just nation. Until we learn to value men like Sergeant Tyrone a whole lot more -- and banksters a whole lot less -- we won’t be a just nation. Nor a great one.

Don Brown
February 19, 2011


Alex said...

Yes! Brilliant comment. That short film is deeply moving, it should be required viewing by everyone over the age of 18.

The banksters must pay! A lawful and fair country would demand a team of lawyers from the Justice Department working around the clock to prosecute these SOB's but alas, they are in charge of the government. Nothing will change until the people wake up and eliminate their influence.

Keep speaking the truth Don!

Jay said...

Very moving film. Very moving.

Jay said...

Here's what my friend had to say about the video:

"Thanks for sending, but it was very hard for me to watch especially with my son being over in Afghanistan right now. I am sure that my wife cannot watch this. She worries herself sick almost every day over him. It’s a very moving video and one that people should see, since apparently that kind of footage is not shown on American news. Gives us just a tiny perspective of what these guys go through. When my son was in Iraq, I saw some of his unit’s newsletters. It’s amazing what these kids are doing over there. There is almost no coming back to normal after you spend years doing that kind of stuff every day. That’s is a big reason that such a high percentage of the homeless are war veterans. I think that is one of the reasons my son went back. He couldn’t stand the indifference and complacency here. He spent 15 months of living a life similar to this video footage, came back and the only thing people seemed interested in was what color underwear Paris Hilton wore to court."