Wednesday, October 20, 2010

They’re Playing Dixie

Here’s an article that is pretty appropriate for what I’ve been saying here at Get the Flick.

Democrats’ Grip on the South Continues to Slip

”The Southern white Democrat, long on the endangered list, is at risk of being pushed one step closer to extinction.

From Virginia to Florida and South Carolina to Texas, nearly two dozen Democratic seats are susceptible to a potential Republican surge in Congressional races on Election Day, leaving the party facing a situation where its only safe presence in the South is in urban and predominantly black districts.”

Right now, my conservative, Southern readers are nodding their heads wisely. For all of those, (you know who you are) let me ask a few questions.

When we kept the unions out of the textile mills, what happened? The textile mills went overseas before the car makers did. The unions got the autoworkers into the middle class. We’ve got busted mill villages that look every bit as bad as Detroit. Did the cotton mills get anybody into the middle class?

When you wanted to hold onto the family farm what happened? Nixon’s man, Earl Butz, said “get big or get out.” “Big” and “family farm” don’t work together.

Would you like to talk about guns? I’ve still got mine. How about you? Do you still think Obama is going to take them away? The government didn’t even tinker with the ammo (that you paid way too much for.) By the way, does anybody know a Democrat that owns a gun store down here?

The Party of the Confederacy is still playing Dixie. Let me rephrase that for you; Dixie is being played. Wake up. If you keep voting the way you’ve been voting, you’re going to keep getting what you’ve been getting.

By the way, who do you think has been hiring all those illegal Mexicans and other Latinos the Confederate Party wants you to be scared of now? Was it Democrats or Republicans that hired them? Yeah. Not many Democrats in the local Chamber of Commerce down here are there? I say again, you (Dixie) are being played.

Don Brown
October 20, 2010

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Comrade Misfit said...

The Dixie Teabaggers are serving the interests of the rich (such as the Koch brothers), just as their ancestors fought for the right of the rich to own slaves.

"Rich man's war, poor man's fight" is as true now as it was 150 years ago.